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PHSG students wear their rainbow laces with pride

Throughout the week Plymouth High’s LGBTQIA+ Alliance (lead by Lauren in 13MCA) sold rainbow shoelaces for £2 per pair to support th Stonewall charity. On Friday, the students were able to show their support by wearing them in school.

The event was a great success and they sold out on Tuesday breaktime, much faster than they predicted!

The students who bought laces then could (on the Friday) wear them in support of the event; it was overwhelming with the number who showed support, both members and allies of the community. Students reported that it was wonderful to see so many people walking with pride that day.

The grand total of profit raised by the event is a whopping £135! This will be promptly donated to the Stonewall charity, where it will be used to promote education about the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as uplifting LGBTQIA+ people in their endeavours.

Lauren said:

“Whether you bought a pair (or five!), promoted the event to friends or students, or helped me hone this event into something tangible, I am so grateful.”

We can’t wait for what else the LGBTQIA+ Alliance has in store!