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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Class of the Week: Year 10 PE/Mountain Biking Group with Mr Payne. ''For choosing the toughest route to complete on their last lesson with lots of big climbs, fast downhills, demanding single tracks and lots of hazards to overcome. Amazing - well done!''

Other Nominations

Class of the week:

7A German class. ''For working hard to learn pronunciation and spotting rules.'' Nominated by Miss Yarwood.

Year 11 Food Technology with Mrs Brown ''For all working independently this week on their trial exam dishes and the standard has been excellent across the board. They have also demonstrated great food hygiene and teamwork.''

7T Science class. ''7T were tasked with writing a postcard home as though they were on holiday on another planet. They produced some incredibly artistic postcards which all included a huge amount of scientific information about the planet they were "visiting". Really well done!'' Nominated by Miss Cook.

The Digital Summit Group ''The students presented themselves and the school incredibly well to local businesses, showing an interest and knowledge in Digital Technologies.'' Nominated by Miss Westaway.

7L Science Class with Mr Thackray ''For thoughtful and thought-provoking questions they ask in my lessons and particularly for the models of the solar system they constructed and brought in to the lesson.''