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PHSG got Talent

Grace, 7T show off her impressive skills with her rubik's cube. 

All of our students at PHSG are extremely talented and skilful and we always love celebrating and sharing our students achievements. 

Our students achievements stretch beyond our classrooms and do not necessarily require a competition or certificate. 

Whilst taking some time out to hang out with our students at lunchtime, we came across Grace in 7T who informed us that she was able to complete a rubik's cube in under 60 seconds! Well, this was a skill we just had to see for ourselves! After setting the timer, and getting her friends to mix up the cube, her hands twisted and turned the cube at such a speed it was difficult to see, let alone try to follow the algorithms she was following in her head. 

After only 48 seconds she completed the rubik's cube, and we were all left astounded. 

Grace said:

I started cubing about 2 and half years ago. I first saw a rubik's cube on TV and this peaked my interest. From there and the use of the Internet, I taught myself how to solve a 3x3 rubik cube and as time has gone on I have learnt to solve different shapes and size cubes. 



Grace tells us she has competitions at home with her Dad, and she really enjoys being able to complete the cubes faster than him. 

She is now looking for her next puzzle to stretch her mind... we can't wait to find out what she chooses!