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A perfect day for Year 8 Geography to explore the impact of global warming

Today students were looking at the impact of melting ice on sea levels.


Year 8 Geography class made the most of the heatwave currently sweeping across the UK and worked outside to explore the impact the change in climate is having on our sea levels. 

They ran an experiment with sea ice and land ice to determine which will melt quicker and which will have the bigger impact global sea levels.

They were also set the task to build a model demonstrating the Arctic land masses, sea and current ice coverage. 

The results clearly showed that with the raising global temperatures as a direct result of the climate crisis, sea ice melts quicker but that land ice will impact global sea levels, which melts at a slower rate. 

We believe that educating our students on such important topic's and making them relatable to events happening on Earth today, will help us all in the fight against global warming.