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Year 11’s follow in the footsteps (literally) of Year 10’s!

Following their wet, misty and windy Training and Practice Expedition on 9th-11th July, our intrepid Silver DofE students undertook their Qualifying (Assessed) Expedition on 16th-18th July. 

The conditions could not have been much different, with very hot, dry and still weather being experienced.

With hats donned, sun-screen applied and lots of water being supplied by support vehicles throughout their walking routes, the girls took on the challenge of completing their routes on the South Western side of Dartmoor.

Taking their time and taking advantage of any shade that they came across, the teams adapted superbly to the serious challenge of carrying expedition rucksacks in such extreme heat.

After experiencing two ‘wild camps’ on the moor, the teams navigated their way down towards their finish at Horrabridge near Yelverton.

After completing their DofE Expedition ‘de-brief’ with their assessor they were reunited with eagerly awaiting parents and whisked away, back to the comforts of civilisation!

Congratulations to all the teams – they were all superb and were a pleasure to be with over the three days of their expedition. They all showed the capability of taking on the ultimate DofE challenge – the Gold Award.