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Year 8 are flying high in their Maths class

Maths is not always classroom based. Our Year 8 students took to the sports hall to undertake an experiment to prove / disprove their Math theory.

Our Year 8 students have been studying the correlation between surface area and distance, when it came to the surface area of the wings of a plane. What better way to test out their theories then to design and build their own paper aeroplanes!

They designed different styles to include different sized surface areas and shapes, then took in turns to fly them across the sports hall. The distance was measured for each throw and the planes were thrown numerous times, so the students could get a mean average for each design. 

The following lesson the students were able to record the result using a scatter graph and created posters to showcase their findings. It was deduced that there was a weak positive correlation in the data, so there was some evidence to support that the bigger the surface area of the wings the further it flew.

Well done girls!