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School Council Update

Hi everyone!

The Student Council and I worked extremely hard last term and have continued to do so this term. As you may already know, with the help of the group and their amazing feedback and ideas, the HST has been able to collate a Survival Kit including guidance on several things, such as exam/revision guidance, general wellbeing, etc – which can be found on the school website under the HST section, here. I recommend you all take a look, as it is things we would have found useful when we were lower down the school!  

Thanks to the relaxation of some Covid restrictions, we were able to have our first in-person meeting, in which the group came up with some amazing ideas, involving a big project, which hopefully will be ready by September. We are also planning to do other projects, which you should be seeing soon! I look forward to other projects in the future.  

Lastly, the group is open to any students who are interested in voicing their opinions, just drop me an email!  

Thanks all,  


Student Council Lead.


6th form - Lauren H: For me, student council is a great way to give feedback improve the school, as well as making friends with those in younger years!

Younger years - Heidi S: For me being in school council, is the feeling that you are doing something to help people close to your heart. I love all the meetings and especially when we talk about problems happening in the school and how we can resolve them.