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PHSG students celebrate Pride month

Last week, a group of dedicated and hardworking year 7s, led by year 12s Lauren and Alanna, have compiled a display board in school to celebrate Pride month, including educational resources and information about various Pride-related charities.

There has previously been an LGBTQIA+ group within PHSG, and the new leaders are seeking to provide both a safe space for those in the community and allies, while also instigating positive social change throughout the school.

Alanna said:

As an ally, I appreciated working with the younger year groups on something they are very passionate about displaying within the school; it allows me to further understand the support I can give to the community itself and people I know within it


Lauren said:

PHSG has always been a welcoming school for those in the LGBTQIA+ community, including myself, I’m just glad we finally have a space to show that support. I have met many amazing people through Pride and I hope we provide that same space for PHSG’s students, staff, and the wider community.

The group’s next aim is to present an informative PSHE lesson to the HOD about Pride in the hope for it's content to be rolled out to the lower school and a consideration to de-gender sexual education — watch this space!