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Diversity and Inclusively group updates

The Diversifying the Curriculum group has written some updates on exciting features happing throughout the school.

Journalism group:

As a group, we have helped put together an article for the school magazine, Hear Me Out, which you can read in the Spring 2021 edition. We also have several exciting projects that we’re working on and hope to conduct some interviews with people of different backgrounds in the hope to raise awareness of different experiences to promote acceptance and educate people about important issues.


Newman display board group:

As a group we have accumulated the information that will be on the board, and this will include little bits on current news as well as important topics that will be updated every half term. If you would like to read and learn more about the topics, there will be QR codes with links to the relevant websites. The board is up, please take a look when you can!

Extra-curricular group: 

Our aim as a group is to raise awareness through extra-curricular activities - we hope to have an afternoon in the summer or autumn term (when the pandemic allows) which celebrates all the cultures our school is a home to. We hope that by learning about traditions and cultures that we may not already have knowledge on, we will be able to make Plymouth High a more inclusive, diverse place in the future. 


PSHE group:

We have worked with Mrs Lewin to update the PSHE curriculum. Our aim was to make the curriculum more diverse and inclusive while primarily covering a range of useful topics. This new curriculum will come into effect in September, if you have any questions and enquiries, please email us on We also have a questionnaire coming out and would love for maximum participation so keep an eye out on your emails! 


For more information on Diversity and Inclusively and to see the latest updates, please visit our page on the website.

Library display board group:

Currently, we have created the design of the board and we have gathered the information that we want to include on the display board such as book/film/podcast reviews, poetry, and a Spotify playlist to broaden your knowledge and increase the support of black artists/creators. On the 14th May we will work to complete the display board in the library for all of you to see!


Research and Development:

The research and development group have been developing an information bank of facts and articles relating to current events in the news, as well as gathering statistics about how ethnic groups are affected by the local policing system. Our aim is to share this information with other groups and teaming up with them to help with display boards, distributing information throughout the school and overseeing the statistics that are used.