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Thank you PHSG

The Year 11 team were well and truly indulged when receiving thanks from our parents this week.

Students, parents and teachers have all been working tirelessly throughout the lock down and even more so on the students return through, what has felt like, endless assessments to secure the best possible grades for our students futures. 

We continue to thank parents for the support that they provide at home in conjunction with the encouragement being provided to the students at school. 

For our year 11 students, the end of this phase of eduction is in sight. The year 11 team have gone above and beyond to try and make sure the students get to celebrate in style after such roller coaster of a year by organising a fantastic 'leavers day'. due to take place next week and a well deserved Year 11 Prom once the final restrictions are lifted.

One of our fantastic parents dropped these into the team this week which were made by the local cake and coffee shop, EarlyBird.

Thank you so much for the amazing doughnuts which arrived yesterday. The Year 11 team really enjoyed them and they tasted just as good as they looked. Check out the photo on how they arrived - just before they were pounced upon by the team!