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Year 8 Lamp project completed in 'lightning' speed

Year 8s, who have just finished their USB lamp project, have produced some fantastic work!

Usually this project is completed in 12 weeks but due to Covid and lockdowns we have had to rejig the DT timetable and get the remaining project rotations done in around 8 weeks.

This particular group of year 8s had to summon immense amounts of resilience and have a great work ethic to get back on track and complete the project.

They started with an introduction to soldering and then successfully assembled a small LED light circuit board with several electrical components.

The next step was to design the front of this light and draw it in CorelDraw software, so it could be laser cut in acrylic.

Finally, all the parts were put together to make a USB powered lamp.

They should all be very proud of how well they did, achieving some amazing results.

Well done Year 8!