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PHSG Mental Health Awareness Week: Self Harm

Self-harming is difficult to talk about but very common, it’s when you hurt yourself on purpose. Usually it’s because something else feels wrong, it seems like the only way to let those feelings out. Self-harming is a symptom of another problem.

Self-harm is when someone hurts themselves as a coping mechanism to deal with difficult feelings, painful memories or overwhelming situations.

Some people have described self-harm to express something that is hard to put into words, to change emotional pain into physical pain or have a sense of being in control or to punish themselves for their feelings.

Some of the ways people self-harm are cutting their body, over or under eating, exercising excessively, misusing alcohol, pulling your own hair, hitting yourself or walls.

If you self-harm, it is important that you know how to look after your injuries and that you have access to the first aid equipment you need. LifeSIGNS has information on first aid for self-injury and self-harm.


I self-harm, how can I help myself now?

Is my child self-harming?

Parents and carers this useful guide will support you in help you to support a child you suspect may be self-harming:

Listening without judgement, help them find support and three other top tips if someone admits they’re self-harming:

How to support someone who self-harms: