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Amelie is awarded the Chief Constable Award 2021

Following Amelie’s recent Operation Lavender police undercover operation, we are delighted to announce that she has been awarded the Chief Constable’s Award for Innovation as part of the Devon & Cornwall Police Citizens in Policing Award 2021.

Amelie is part of the Plymouth Police cadets and joined the neighbourhood, response and specialist officers for Operation Lavender in September 2020. I

t was a sting operation which was aimed to educate staff hotel staff what to be way of and how to spot predatory adults who try to take students into rooms. Plymouth police's city centre neighbourhood team and the Child Centred Policing Team set up the operation where plain clothed officers and young police cadets, who were clearly under the age of 16, visited hotels together and tried to book a room in the hope that reception staff would recognise the signs, refuse to rent out the room and contact the police. The operation was not to catch out hotels but to raise awareness and help local venues to understand how to protect and safe guard young people. 

Amelie and her family are delighted as are we, and very proud; a great stepping stone as she works towards her career goal of joining the police force. 

The virtual award ceremony will be held in July.

Amelie stated she is very sad about as leaving PHSG and her best friends but will be joining the College to follow the policing qualification and then hopefully into the new police apprenticeships at 18. 

Well done Amelie and good luck from your PHSG family!