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PHSG aiming to reduce their environmental impact

Turning up the heat with a top team of heating engineers serving our boilers with the aim to reduce our environmental impact.

During the Spring term the PHSG Earth Alliance team have been collaborating with the facilities team, to discuss ways in which we can strive for a greener school and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Following some energetic guidance from the school’s student lead team, our facilities manager briefed the visiting heating engineers to get us started and help us reduce the school’s impact on the environment.

Following two weeks of work during the Easter period the school has replaced 50% of its student toilet flush systems to greatly reduce water usage.  In line with this the largest student toilet block has had all its taps replaced with water volume reducing devices.

All 14 boilers on site have been serviced with energy efficiency in mind and one of the school the largest heating systems are earmarked for replacement in the summer. All heating systems are now controlled by an update IT system that closely monitors energy usage.

Our Facilities Team have pledge to put the school environmental impact at the forefront of all planned maintenance, greatly reducing our environmental impact and financial burden to the school.       

PHSG would like to thank Dean and his team at Boilertech for all of their work and efforts in assisting the school in achieving its goals in energy efficiency. They are a local company with an ethos which is in alignment with the school; we are delighted with the improvements they have made and impact that we will have for the future years to come.