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Emma's multicoloured prize

Following on from the Liz Earles 'feel the love' young artist competition, we just had to show you the incredible prize and catch up with Emma on her experience. 

Emma, 7K entered the Liz Earle’s Young Artist Competition during lockdown and was announced as one of their winner with her drawing of her and her best friend. 

The prize arrived for Emma this week and she was astounded by its size and the array of materials they have awarded.

Here is what Emma had to say:

I entered the competition because I wanted to practice my art skills. I had entered competitions and had been successful in primary school, but nothing as big as this. I wanted to challenge myself and it was really exciting. 

My favourite type of art work is definitely pencil work. I find painting too messy. I like pencil work because you can get lots of different effects and use lots of techniques such as shading and blurring. 

I'm so pleased with my prize, I never expected it to be so big, I cant wait to start using the materials in my drawings.