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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Student of the Week: Leonie, 11K '' For a significant increase in effort and application. Making real improvements in her work. Excellent attitude''.  Nominated by Mr Osborne. Awarded 10 House points.
Class of the Week: Year 9 Food and Nutrition '' In their first practical since year 8 they worked sensibly and hygienically to make their cheese straws, and all finished on time!!'' Nominated by Mrs Brown

Other nominations:

Student of the week

Ellen, 7GDC. ' For achieving an outstanding 97/100 in her Grade 4 Singing Exam.' In Mrs Marcers Music class. Awarded 5 House points. 

Chloe, 11BRN. '' For improved concentration and trying her best in French even though she doesn't understand everything.'' Nominated by Miss Yarwood. Awarded 5 House points. 

Imogen, 7T'' For contributing well in class (zoom) and helping others.'' Nominated by Miss Yarwood. awarded 5 House points.

Class of the week

10pEN1 English class with Miss Taylor. '' For their excellent speaking exams''.