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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Student of the Week: Lauren, 12MCA ''For stepping up to attend a Diversity Group meeting with DHSG, take minutes and represent her group, all at short notice''.  Nominated by Mrs Hoyte. Awarded 10 House points.
Class of the Week: Year 10 History class ''For being resilient, hard working and extremely mature during lockdown and just cracking on with things!'' Nominated by Miss Tomalin

Other nominations:

Student of the week

Frankie, 9RIC. 'For an amazing assessment on Hitler's rise to power.' In Miss Tomalins History class. Awarded 5 House points. 

Erin, 7A. ''Erin started the couchto5k programme during her PE time at the beginning of lockdown and has nearly finished it now, improving her cv and muscular endurance. She sends in her PE evidence every week and has run and walked over 50 miles for Anthony during lockdown. Well done Erin!'' Nominated by Mrs Goolden. Awarded 5 House points. 

Martha, Year 10. ''Martha has entered miles for the house competition every week and has now achieved 199.1 miles for Kendall during lockdown. An excellent effort Martha well done!'' Nominated by Mrs Goolden. awarded 5 House points.

Bel, 10VAR. ''For working hard and completing independent work alongside the classwork in French class''. Nominated by Miss Yarwood. Awarded 5 House points.

Class of the week

Year 11 German class with Mrs Walsh. ''For participating so well over the lockdown period. Always ready to volunteer / offer answers and have a go at any task set. They have been great.''