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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Student of the Week: Ella-Rose, 7T. ''For amazing effort and time to produce a fantastic and geographical accurate model for her UK climate presentation''.  Nominated by Miss Boyle. Awarded 10 House points.
Class of the Week: 10A GCSE PE ''For an excellent class set of results on their recent progress test - they are really getting the hang of understanding what the question is asking them to do.'' Nominated by Mrs Goolden

Other Nominations:

Student of the week

Caroline, 11RFD. ''Working consistently hard in every maths lesson and doing her best to complete as many examination practice questions as possible''. Nominated by Mr Underdown. Awarded 5 House points.

Rebecca, 9LUS. ''For submitting her PE evidence on time every week and entering a fantastic 94 miles fo the house competition so far. Well done!''. Nominated by Mrs Goolden. Awarded 5 House points.

Izzy, 11 KMA. ''For always being on time, enthusiastic, ready to answer questions and completing work to a high standard''. Nominated by Miss Yarwood. Awarded 5 House points. 

Ava, 8T. ''For an outstanding Gothic short story''. Nominated by Miss Taylor. Awarded 5 House points. 

Class of the week

Mis Taylor's 10pET/2 English class ''For being so positive and engaged in lessons''.