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PHSG Student and Class of the Week

Student of the Week: Isabella, 10VAR''She was quite ill with COVID and missed a couple weeks of lessons but has managed to catch up and produce some fantastic work over the last two days. I really think she deserves some recognition for this. She also kept in touch throughout.''  Nominated by Miss Westaway. Awarded 10 House points.
Class of the Week: 12/13 A Level PE. ''For fully embracing last Fridays pd 5 Zoom Mini Olympics lesson with good humour, great commitment and all cameras on! They were a delight to spend an hour with.'' Nominated by Mrs Goolden.

Other Nominations:

Student of the Week

Elsie, 10VAR. in Miss Luscombe's PE class. ''The evidence she has been sending in for core PE each week is really detailed. As well as completing some circuits, she is evidencing her walks which she does most days with a tracking app.'' Awarded 5 House Points.

Eva, 7A. ''For completing all the Maths she's been asked to do on her online learning. She got 100% in a UK Mathematical trust problem solving lesson and she has completed lots of the enrichment tasks on for Gifted Maths students. She's been very impressive.'' Nominated by Mr Wilson and awarded 5 House Points.

Tehya, 8A. In Miss Brown's French lesson.  ''For participating actively in French lessons and always having a go, even when she's not sure.'' Awarded 5 House Points. 

Lily, 7K. In Miss Boyle's Geography class. ''For a fantastic video presentation about the climate of the UK. Lily demonstrated a huge amount of additional research to produce a fantastic video on the climate of the UK as well as additional geographical facts and knowledge.'' Awarded 5 House Points. 

Gabi, 11CAR. ''For participating well in zoom, answering all the questions and tackling some difficult grammar points in her French lesson on 3/2/21.'' Nominated by Miss Yarwood. Awarded 5 House Points.

Zara, 10CLW. In Miss Boyle's Geography class. ''For her fantastic dual coded case study on the Sheffield Flooding''. Awarded 5 House Points.

Class of the Week.

Year 11 GCSE Religious Studies class with Mrs Brownbridge. ''Detailed research and well structured group projects, which they then presented with the rest of the class over zoom.''