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Year 9 Textiles, bagging their designs.

The textiles department would normally be busy with the hum of sewing machines and print press operations at this time of year as designs are turned into practicals and students learn how to use the equipment to make their products. During lockdown, the practical elements of subject's, such as design and technology, have had to be adapted to ensure the students are progressing with the curriculum accordingly. 

Not everyone has a sewing machine laying about their homes these days, so the girls could not sew their bags in the conventional way. Instead they designed a print through mark making techniques, using photopea they edited their images and formed a repeat pattern. They then used this print to make a paper model of their design. How clever is that?! The bags look amazing, we are very proud on how our students are able to adapt and overcome these situations and still produce high quality products despite not having access to their normal equipment.