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PHSG Student and Class of the Week

Student of the Week: Beatrice, Year13''For making a great Wordpress website of her Artwork for her Degree course application - good luck Bea! She has been working hard this lockdown pushing her expressive drawing skills. Very impressive.''  Nominated by Mr Varrall. Awarded 10 House points.
Class of the Week: 7L Tutor Group. ''For their ongoing lockdown project. As a tutor group they are making a ‘how to survive lockdown’ guide which contains lots of helpful advice, activities, recipes and ways to keep mentally healthy. '' Nominated by Miss Joyce.

Other Nominations:

Student of the Week

Maifi, 7L in History Class. ''For completing extra research in History, beautifully presented. Independent work as an extension of classwork, really impressive commitment to her studies and to a wonderful choice of information and pictures plus initiative in finding hte resources completely by herself.Very impressive work and very impressive positive attitude to doing her best.'' Nominated by Mrs Eales White. Awarded 5 House Points.

Imogen, 12MAR. ''Always the first to join Zooms. Excellent participation. All work completed to a high standard.'' Nominated by Miss Carter. Awarded 5 House Points.

Zoe, Year 13. ''For producing the holocaust work for the website last week. An outstanding effort and very moving.'' Nominated by Mr Graves. Awarded 5 House Points.

Holly, Year 11 History. ''For writing an assessment, with little help and getting 100% on it - Perfect answers - so much so, I used them as model answers for the rest of the class''. Nominated by Miss Tomlain. Awarded 5 House Points.

Nancy, 10K. ''For consistent engagement and a diligent approach. Doesn't hesitate to contact the school for support when stuck.'' Nominated by Mr Law. Awarded 5 House Points.

Abi, Scarlett, Caroline, Kitty & Esther. In Mr Underdown's Year 11 Maths class. ''For consistent effort and engagement in all zoom lessons.'' Each awarded 5 House Points.

Class of the Week:

11D French with Miss Carer. ''For excellent participation in Zooms, cheery smiles and completion of work.''

9X French with Miss Yarwood. ''For being really positive and reactive in zoom lessons and having a go, even when they are not sure of the answers!''

10D GCSE Religious Studies. ''For coping really brilliantly in these less than ideal circumstances with a very technical and philosophically challenging unit on Hindu concepts of the divine, the nature of reality and the atman! We have been working on this unit throughout lockdown and have just completed it.'' Nominated by Mrs McAuliffe.