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Heloise is all set to follow her music dreams

Student Heloise in Year 11 has been accepted into the Music Junior Academy at Plymouth University

The goal of the Junior Academy is to educate the student to a Degree level by the time they need to start applying for Universities and includes a consideration to an unconditional offer to Plymouth University for a degree in Music. 

In addition, the academy will be fully funding Heloise's Music Theory lessons and half of her Instrumental lessons. 

I first heard about the Junior Academy through Miss Marcer around mid December after struggling to find any schools doing an A level in music.

Heloise was thrilled to receive the acceptance into the Academy and the programme will not be interfering with her scheduled timetable. 

In all, the experience was a fast process and my parents and I are thrilled that I won't have to give up my music dream.

We are delighted for Heloise and wanted to share her story to show that with persistence and hard work, there is always a route to achieve your dreams. 

Here is the link for more information about the Academy: