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PHSG Student and Class of the Week

Student of the Week: Nadia, 8A. ''Nadia has been sending in evidence for the sMiles during lockdown competition almost daily and is very motivated to keep active. She is polite in her communications and it always puts a smile on my face to hear what she has been up to.'' Nominated by Mrs Goolden Awarded 10 House points.
Erika, 9RIC. ''Erika has produced the most amazing pieces of evidence for her DofE Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections over the past two months. She has done some wonderful work with her younger sister by tutoring her in Maths and other subjects. She has cycled many miles as part of her Physical sections and has researched and completed lots of extra background work in the Sciences for her Skill section. All this in addition to her on-line lessons - amazing!'' Nominated by Mr Payne.

Other Nominations:

Student of the Week

Eva, 7A. ''Consistently engaged in Zoom lessons, working hard on her work, in both History and Geography.'' Nominated by Mrs Nutter.

Kitty, 11BRN. ''Kitty has been completely focused during every lesson, asked questions to clarify her understanding and remained positive and upbeat throughout these difficult times.''

Ingrid, 11ALF. ''Terrific effort demonstrated through completed exercises and Educake tasks including her most recent test score of 100%. Attendee at all zoom meetings. Outstanding CTL and performance.'' Nominated by Mr Tucker

Lara, 9FLT. ''Completed some fantastic work in DT through lockdown, showing to really apply herself, read instructions and produce detailed designs and card models, alongside analysis of the above. She has considered the environmental impact of her designs, reflecting on work completed previously in the project, to ensure her products have an end use. I have been very impressed.'' Nominated by Miss Westaway.