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The PHSG House 'Bake Off' Star Baker is...

In a flurry of flour, spice, and creativity, the student House finalists recently competed in the highly anticipated Bake-Off Final, a culinary showdown that honoured the school's 150th birthday in a truly delicious fashion. For this special occasion, the 'Show stopper' tasked to the aspiring bakers was none other than the beloved hot cross bun!

With a sense of pride and determination, students, armed with mixing bowls and measuring spoons, gathered in the school's bustling kitchen. Amidst the flurry of activity, the finalists donned special Bake-Off Final aprons, embolised with the school's crest and the commemorative "150th Birthday" logo, marking this momentous occasion in style.  The air was thick with anticipation as they awaited the final announcement...

Bakers, you have 75 minutes. Three, Two. One....BAKE!

For the final showstopper, the contestants were given a basic hot cross bun recipe and method, where they could then enhance this in any way they wanted. For some, this was their first ever attempt at resting and proving dough, so keeping to time was critical. 

Each team brought their own unique flair to the competition, infusing their creations with personal touches and innovative twists. From traditional recipes to daring flavour combinations that pushed the boundaries of convention, the stage was set for a feast of culinary delights.

As the aroma of freshly baked bread filled the room, students worked tirelessly to perfect their creations, kneading dough, piping crosses, and carefully crafting intricate designs.

The kitchen buzzed with excitement and camaraderie as classmates exchanged tips and encouragement, embodying the spirit of friendly competition and collaboration. 

Contestants placed their hot cross buns on the gingham tablecloth to display for the last time, ready to impress the judges and claim the coveted title of Bake-Off Champion.

A distinguished panel of judges, including our trusted 'Mr Holydown' and 'Miss Prueton' alongside two esteemed guest judges from the local culinary scene, lent their expertise to the event.

Mrs Arkroyd, our catering manager,  has over 30 years experience in the catering sector. She has a keen eye for details and knows how to get the best flavour combinations out of the ingredients. 

Petty Officer Dent, has been a professional chef for the past 19 years. During his time in the Royal Navy he was a Professional Cookery Instructor at the Defence Maritime Logistics School, representing the RN at 4 Tri-service Cookery Competitions. He has delivered a Trafalgar Night Dinner to the British Ambassador at the British Embassy in Washington DC, and assisted cooking for the late Queen Elizabeth II on 2 occasions.


With taste buds primed and palates eager for adventure, they embarked on the delicious task of sampling each contestant's hot cross buns, evaluating them based on flavour, texture, presentation, and overall creativity.

After much discussion and tasting deliberations, the judges announced the winner: Year 9 Kendall!!

Whose hot cross buns stood out for their impeccable texture, bold flavours, and stunning presentation. As cheers erupted and applause filled the room, Kendall was awarded a gleaming trophy, a symbol of their culinary prowess and dedication to their craft.

Year 11 Latimer came second and our most Junior Team, Year 7 Anthony came third!

Beyond the thrill of competition, the Bake-Off Final offered students an invaluable opportunity to showcase their skills, build confidence, and forge lasting memories with their peers. It was a celebration of tradition and innovation, where the past and present intersected in a symphony of flavours and aromas, reminding us of the power of food to bring people together and create moments of joy and connection.

Here's to another 150 years of culinary excellence and school community spirit.