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Plymouth High School for Girls PFTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 2nd November 2016 6.15pm

Attendees: Keith Radford(Chair), Marion Beed (Treasurer), Rhona Jenking-Rees (Secretary), Shaun Willis(School rep), Angela Blaiklie, Claire Bond, Rob Frankow, Lou-ann Tran, Kerry Godley-McAvoy, Oksana Molodyka, Kate Coleman, Susanna.
1. Apologies:
Mary Utton, Jo Davie, Fiona Christie.
2. Minutes of Last Meeting:
The minutes of the meeting on 12.10.2016 were agreed, proposed by Keith, seconded by Angie.
3. Outstanding Actions & Matters
AP1: Buy provisions for quiz night – Marion
AP2: Speak to Matt about using wine glasses & kitchen - Completed
AP3: Produce publicity poster for quiz night & distribute asap – Completed
AP4: Buy prizes for raffle & quiz winners – Rhona- Ongoing
AP5: TENS license - Completed
AP6: Contact Mrs Crouch about theatre tickets – Rhona-Ongoing
AP7: Compile newsletter & circulate date & info for quiz night – Rhona-Ongoing
AP8: Invite staff to submit grant applications – Shaun- Ongoing
AP:9 Ask school about putting quiz tickets on parentpay - Completed
4.Treasurer’s Report
Please see attached report.
Money continues to trickle in from the sale of second hand uniforms – thanks must go to Angie for keeping the facebook page updated & taking home donated uniform to sort through.
The only expenditure since the last meeting was £21 for the TENS license for the quiz night.
5. Grant Applications from HOD’s.
Shaun read out 2 grant applications from staff.
The first was from Fiona Banks for a grant to fund the Healthy Child Quality Mark for the school. This would include training for staff, consultancy & Local Authority support. The school would be able to display the award on the website & letter heading. The committee asked Shaun to ask Fiona about ongoing costs for auditing, how often that would occur & working towards the silver award. All present agreed that this was a good project which would benefit the students & voted in favour of funding it.
Mrs Banks also requested funding to replace & update resources for the PSHE department including substance abuse identikit to aid drug awareness & more current resources for contraceptive advice.
The total costs for the department would be £823. Those present voted unanimously in favour of funding this grant application.
The second application that Shaun presented was from Tanya Jones on behalf of the RS department. They would like to replace 2 whiteboards in the RS classrooms – these are used on a daily basis & have become very scratched & worn over the years. This would cost £122.98. The committee voted in favour of this application.
Kerrie asked if the school should be looking forward & considering installing interactive whiteboards instead. Shaun explained that the configuration of the classrooms made it difficult to teach without using a conventional whiteboard though it may be a consideration for the future.
Shaun will feed the results of the votes back to the relevant members of staff.
6.TENS License
The TENS license for the quiz night has arrived at school. Keith will apply for another one for the carols & mince pies evening.
7. Quiz Night
Marion will do the food shopping & bring it into school. There is still some tea, coffee, sugar, fruit juices & squash left over from parents evening. There are also sufficient paper cups & napkins. We discussed what sort of food to provide & quantities. There will be 8 large pizzas to sell by the slice – vegetarian & pepperoni, sausage rolls, small packets of crisps & large bags of crisps/hula hoops to sell in bowls. Susanna will bring some prawn crackers.
There will also be cakes, biscuits, brownies – any left overs will keep until the parents evening the following week. Marion will bring cash floats.
Kate will bring her candy floss machine which uses only a small amount of sugar.
Keith will buy more wine – boxes to use for selling by the glass plus more bottles. There are 10 white & 4 red still in the cupboard, he will round it up to 12 of each, again this will keep for future events if there are any left over. Keith will also obtain a 175ml measure for the wine.He will buy some small bottles of beer as well which we can buy at the end of the evening if there are any left.
Some of the regulars will still bring their own refreshments, hopefully this will be phased out over time as people become accustomed to the idea that refreshments are provided.
Keith has been in contact with Matt about using the kitchen facilities, urn, ovens, glasses etc & will confirm details with him prior to the event.
There are plenty of raffle tickets in the cupboard, Rhona will buy the prizes – many thanks to Kate for donating a bottle of wine & choc truffles- & will speak to Donna to see how many prizes she would like for the quiz winners.
Kerrie has taken PTFA badges to print off some more with the newer members names.
8. Carols & Mince Pies Evening
Wednesday 14th December. Times & ticket prices to be confirmed. Keith will sort out TENS license, there are 10 bottles of mulled wine in our cupboard which are still in date. Further details will be discussed at the next meeting.
Shaun will ask Mrs Gough whether the piano will need tuning & costs for an accompanist.
9.Future Events & Fundraising Ideas
The next parents evenings are on Wednesdays 16th & 30th November. Marion will shop for the groceries, there were plenty of volunteers to help throughout the evening-even being there for an hour is a great help especially to set up or clear up at the end.
Shaun spoke to the organisers of the Halloween disco & offered the services of Kate & the candy floss machine. They thought that it would not be appropriate to raise funds for the PTFA at a fundraising event for the Ghana trip. We would like to make it clear to the school that Kate is happy to use it at any event for any fundraiser, not just for PTFA..
11. Date of Next Meeting
Wednesday 7th December 6.15pm, possibly in classroom 2 again.
Meeting closed at 7.20pm
Action Points
AP1: Buy provisions for quiz night – Marion
AP2: Speak to Matt about using wine glasses & kitchen - Keith
AP3: Buy wine & beers for quiz night - Keith
AP4: Buy prizes for raffle & quiz winners – Rhona
AP5: TENS license for carols & mince pies- Keith
AP6: Contact Mrs Sheffield & Paul Renyard about theatre tickets – Rhona
AP7: Compile newsletter & circulate date & info for quiz night – Rhona
AP8: Ask Mary for a date for Grand Draw in the Spring - Rhona

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