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Plymouth High School for Girls PFTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 8th March

Attendees:  Keith Radford ( Chair), Marion Beed (Treasurer),  Mary Utton, Kate Coleman, Rob Frankow, Loan Tran, Oxana Molodyka, Sarah Tuhill, Rhona Jenking-Rees (Secretary).


Angela Blaikie, Claire Bond.

 The Chair, Keith, opened the meeting, welcomed Sarah & thanked everyone for coming. 

Minutes of AGM 13th April 2016:

The minutes of the 2016 AGM were agreed, proposed by Keith, seconded by Marion.

Chair’s Report:

The summary of the PTFA’s activities was delivered by Keith. Please see attachment 1.

Treasurer’s Report:

Marion provided the financial report for the past year since she took on the role of treasurer – please see Attachment  2. There is currently a healthy £6515.77  in the bank.

Headteacher’s Report:

Mary delivered her report, thanking the PTFA for their support & hard work to provide so many extras for the school. Please see Attachment 3.

Dissolution of Committee:

The current committee was dissolved & resignations accepted.

Election of Committee:

Keith is willing to continue as Chairperson. He was nominated by Mary, seconded  by Rhona & voted in unanimously.

Marion would like to continue as treasurer. She was nominated by Kate, seconded by Keith & voted in unanimously.

Rhona is willing to continue as secretary for another year. She was proposed by Mary, seconded by Rob & voted in.

2017 Committee Officers:

Chairperson – Keith Radford

Treasurer – Marion Beed

Minutes Secretary – Rhona Jenking-Rees


The AGM was closed at 18.45.

The newly appointed committee then opened an ordinary meeting, see separate minutes.

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