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Plymouth High School for Girls PFTA Annual General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 13th April 2016 6.15pm

Attendees:  Claire Eales-White (Acting Chair), Clay Brooke (Treasurer), Keith Radford, Marion Beed, Rhona Jenking-Rees (Secretary).


Mary Utton, Rose Chapman, Angela Blaiklie, Jo Davie, Fiona Christie, Claire Bond, Deborah Godfrey, Damon Godfrey.

As acting Chair, Claire opened the meeting & thanked everyone for coming. 

Minutes of AGM 4th March 2015:

The minutes of the 2015 AGM were agreed, proposed by Keith, seconded by Clay.

Chair’s Report:                      

As we currently have no Chairperson, a summary of the year is contained within the Headteacher’s report.

Treasurer’s Report:

Clay provided a summary for the past year – please see Attachment 1. There is currently a healthy £5114 in the bank.

As donations to the school fund are now paid through Parentpay, a considerable amount of money will be lost if we can no longer claim Gift Aid. This will be discussed with Paul Renyard. One solution could be to include a form within the induction pack.

Headteacher’s Report:

Copies of Mary’s report were distributed by Claire. Please see Attachment 2.

Dissolution of Committee:

The current committee was dissolved & resignations accepted.

Election of Committee:

Keith offered to become Chairperson. He was proposed by Rhona, seconded by Clay.

Marion would like to be the new treasurer. She was proposed by Keith & seconded by Claire.

Rhona is willing to continue as secretary if no-one else wants the post. She was proposed by Keith, seconded by Claire.

2016 Committee Officers:

Chairperson – Keith Radford

Treasurer – Marion Beed

Minutes Secretary – Rhona Jenking-Rees


Claire as acting Chair, wished to thank the outgoing committee for all their hard work & commitment throughout the last year. The meeting also thanked Clay for the hours that he has given to the role of treasurer over the last couple of years.

 The AGM was closed at 18.55.

The new committee then opened an ordinary meeting, see separate minutes.

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