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Parents, Teachers, Friends Association

Please accept a warm welcome from the people who make up the PHSG PTFA.

Who are the PTFA?

You are!!   The PTFA are parents, teachers and friends who voluntarily and generously give a few hours each year to help and support our daughters’ school for the benefit of all.

We organise and manage ourselves under the direction of the model constitution as arranged and accepted by the National Confederation of Parents and Teachers Associations

At present we have the following principal officers:

    Chairperson - Keith Radford

    Minutes Secretary - Rhona Jenking-Rees

    Media Secretary - Jo Davie

    Treasurer -  Marion Beed

In addition we have a committee of regular members. However, every parent who has a daughter at Plymouth High School for Girls is automatically a member of the PTFA so you don’t have to worry about joining.  You are already a member and we would welcome you to come along to our meetings and support our events whenever you can.  

What do the PTFA do?

Our aim is to raise additional funds to support our daughters in school   The funds we raise are used for the extra items that can improve or add extra value to an individual project or particular department’s needs.

How do we raise these funds?

We raise the funds through a variety of methods; some well established, others just one-offs. We have raised funds via: Quiz Nights, Cheese and Wine evenings, Fashion shows, the Grand Draw, Raffle Prizes, the Sale of garden bulbs, Carol concerts, the sale of tea and coffee at school events, Barn Dances, and other social events. We are always open to new ideas for events.

How do we distribute the funds that are raised?

Teachers and Heads of Department are asked to submit a request for support to the PTFA.  This is overseen and must be supported by the Head Teacher.   The following are examples of projects that have been supported during the previous financial year:

    Bell Plate Choir
    Water Fountain
    Refurbishment of toilets
    Garden and Ground Works

Why should you give up your time to support the PTFA?

We are friendly people who care about our daughter’s education and school experience and raising money to enhance their experience.  We are all volunteers and we appreciate that commitments outside of school mean that we cannot always attend every meeting and/or fund raising event. However, even if you only have a few hours to spare we can use your help. If you are not happy organising events but are available to sell raffle tickets or make tea or coffee you can still make a very valuable contribution. Why not give it a try?  At the very least please come along and support evenings like the Quiz Night or Fashion Show.

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