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  • Bar Mock National Champions

    Plymouth High School students Win National Bar Mock Trial Final

  • Visit from an Oxbridge Student "Old Girl"

    Old girl Anna Gee is studying Biology at Somerville College, Oxford came in to talk to our prospective Oxbridge students.

  • PTFA Chrome Books

    PTFA fundraise for new chromebooks

  • Exam Results 2018

    Congratulations to all out students who worked so hard in their exams and achieved brilliant results.

  • Bar Mock Championships

    After winning the 2017 National Finals, we are pleased to announce we have won the 2018 Regional Finals in Southampton - now on to the National Finals in Edinburgh...


Graphics and



At present I am involved in dismantling Hummingbird MkII – it is hoped that this process will be completed today.  When the new aluminium chassis has been manufactured and all of the electrics, brakes, wheels and running gear have been refitted work will then begin on the bodywork.  The team will then be looking at the existing bodywork and how this can be modified to provide us with an aerodynamic and light body that will be strong, weatherproof and durable enough to last a season’s racing.  New materials will be considered – carbon fibre has been mentioned which would be great.

The graphics and design team are currently working with the  manufacturing team on improving the aerodynamics and look of the car.